The GOAT craft brewing from Rotterdam, NL

Brewed by Goats. Bottled for Humans.

Goat Beer

It’s craft-beer-love.

Our beer is hand-crafted and brewed in Rotterdam by three dedicated beer enthusiasts— one food engineer, a data scientist and a trader shark, all for the love of beer.

  • It’s a 4 ingredient principal.

Pure water, specialty malt grains, a combination of aromatic hops varietals and selected yeast strains are the basic ingredients for our authentic GOAT beer.

It’s original recipies.

Until now, we produce two delicious recipes. Our first, a special balanced Pale Ale is brewed with caramelized malts. Our second is a fruit-noted IPA dry-hopped using a unique blend of Citra & Simcoe hops.

Pale Ale
Bad Kid IPA
Coming Soon

Our Story

  • Kitchen alchemy

With limited equipment, our recipies are born in our kitchen. Yet our passion for great beer has pushed us further over the years to achieve exciting new results, scaling out into a unique range of craft beer.


We believe it is important to experiment with our recipes pushing the limits of our know-how to achieve new interesting flavour combinations in brewing.


Apostolos Papageorgiou Master brewer, food engineer
Faidon Tagarakis Brewer, trader shark & sales guru

Tasos Kachrimanis Brewer, data scientist

Cary Da Costa Brand manager, beer drinker

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GOAT beer now available here!

“It all boils down in our kitchen”

All of our beer recipies are first created in our kitchen. Once perfected, we scale up production to 1,000 litre batches or more.

The label & branding of the brew

Our new label design and website is created by Cary Da Costa from Da Costa brand Design in Rotterdam.

Our new 'BAD KID IPA' fed with Citra and Simcoe is now available!


Until our webshop is up and running we can only accept beer orders here.
 We hope to boost our sales efficiency very soon, so stay tuned and thanks for enjoying GOAT beer!